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Please read the safety information before treatment

The measures and suggestions are solely in accordance with the author’s point of view and may not be used as a substitute for the full advice of a specialist. The author does not make any recommendations on this website for specific measures and products mentioned or referred to on this website.

People affected by varicocele should always consult a urologist to understand and apply the contents of this website to their own personal situation. It is also essential that the measures chosen by the visitor are discussed with a competent urologist and his or her consent is obtained before treatment begins.

If pain or other negative symptoms occur during one of the proposed natural treatments, it is better to stop this type of treatment immediately and refrain from using it.

If you feel pain caused by varicocele during sports, stop the training session as soon as possible to prevent further development. If you regularly experience pain during training, it is better to switch to gentler training methods.

Nutritional advice must always be assessed as safe and applicable to your own person by a trained health care professional, family doctor or nutritionist. The implementation of the suggested measures is always at your own risk. The author accepts no liability for physical or psychological damage to persons or property resulting from the measures proposed here.

Advice of a professional doctor / health expert

Always seek the advice of a competent doctor/health professional over your own discretion or the measures proposed on this website. Under no circumstances should the information be considered a substitute for professional advice or treatment by trained and accredited physicians. The content of the advice presented on this website may not be used to make independent diagnoses or to initiate treatments/measures.

The results of natural treatment may vary from case to case. This is due to the fact that each person is conditioned differently at the beginning of the treatment. In addition, the individual lifestyle plays a decisive role in the success of the treatment. Therefore this factor should not be underestimated in any case.

In the case of existing (other) problems or concerns regarding general health and the measures presented here, an appropriate specialist or therapist should always be consulted, whose area of expertise focuses on the complaints. Always seek the advice of an accredited urologist about the therapy suggested on this website and ask him or her about the feasibility of the measures in your individual case.

If you have specific questions about the topics mentioned on this website or about the proposed treatments, you can ask them via the contact form and we will answer them as far as we can.